Saturday, May 5, 2007

Making it rain

Whereby we throw up a bunch of $1 entertainment nuggets onto the stage and see which STDs take them home.

Speaking of STDs, could there be any better news this morning than this? Go Fug Yourself has a funny take on Paris's impending incarceration. Sometimes, it really does appear that Karma works when wonky-eyed manholes get taken down a notch. One down, one to go.

So Lost is (maybe) ending in two years? On one hand, I like that there's a plan in place for an endgame and completion to the story (a la BSG). While the show started slowly in the "pod" of 6 episodes earlier this year, the back end of the season (with the exception of the Jack's tattoos ep) has been superlative. On the other, I hate to see quality scripted television go away for any reason, and probably be replaced by a cheaper alternative like "Macrame with the C-List Stars!" It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

I thought Thursday's My Name is Earl was typically funny and sweet, though I didn't realize it contained an homage to Rudy. (Oddly, I've seen just about every sports movie under the sun, but somehow missed Rudy). I didn't do the "laugh and sniff" audience participation part of the show, but it was nice to see Billy Gardell, who I've missed since the wonderful Lucky was cancelled before its time.

How great was Shark's season finale? Sebastian's nemesis Wayne Collison returned, only to get put away at the end for a crime he didn't commit. That Shark executed an intricate plan to frame him was spectacular and completely out of left field. And I love that the character of Shark has kept his dark side, working outside the law to get what he knows is justice. More morally ambiguous characterization, a la Dexter. And it appears my worries about DA 7 of 9 going away were unfounded, if Jessica takes Shark's offer to work for him. Personally, I think this will add the drama and conflict within the show, now the roles have been reversed. Whodat: Frequent Guest Star Tracy Middendorf (24, Alias, House, X-Files, one of the three Ziyals on DS9) was Wendy, Wayne's supposed girlfriend. I'll always remember her from the pilot of Angel.

Although I'm sticking to my vow to be spoiler free, I actually read about this potential keffuffle before getting on the wagon. (Don't click the link or swipe the following text if you don't want possible CSI spoilers): Personally, I could care less if Jorja Fox leaves CSI. I've never really cared for the character of Sara (or thought the actress was all that talented or hot), and this will make the second time Fox thinks she's bigger than the rest of the cast and pulls a prima-donna stunt to haggle over salary. I say kill her off and hook Gil up with Lady Heather.

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