Thursday, April 5, 2007


On Wednesday's excellent Bones, "The Killer in the Concrete" (cement?), Phillip Rhys played the criminal with the affinity for blowtorches and screwdrivers. He was also suspected terrorist Reza on Day 2 of 24, who wound up getting killed by his bride to be, Marie Warner (mercifully, saving him from a life of painful marriage), as well as Jude from Nip/Tuck, who faked his British accent and tried to get in Julia's pants (and also had an internship at McNamara/Troy, because of course you want to hire the folks that try to bang your wife).

On another hysterical episode of Andy Barker, PI, noted underage porn star turned legit thespian Traci Lords turned up as one of the credit card stealing blackmailers. In addition to such classics as Hot Cum Orgy and Huge Bras 3, Traci was serial killer Jill of All Trades in Profiler, Wanda in Crybaby and had a recurring role in Roseanne.

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