Sunday, April 29, 2007

Whodat? (Shark)

Thursday's Shark had several recognizable faces.

Stacy Edwards played the abducted kid's mom. She's a frequent guest star, but I remember her most for her turn as the "victimized" deaf secretary in Neil LaBute's harrowing In the Company of Men.

Sherri Stringfield of ER fame was the opposing counsel.

Michelle Hurd was the shrink, and she was originally on Law and Order: SVU.

David Zayas was the PI the parents hired to find their missing kid. David is regularly seen as Angel on one of TV's best shows, Dexter.

As for the show itself, it was another enjoyable hour of scenery chewing from the estimable James Woods. But what was up with the daughter's b-plot? Huh? On one hand, I like the daughter because she's a good actress and serves to occasionally humanize the main character, but all this jell-o shooting and hidden weed seems out of character and her explanation for her behavior was just lame.

Even worse, DA Seven of Nine lost her campaign? Does this mean Jeri Ryan is leaving the show? Yikes, I hope not. Maybe the new incoming DA will be killed. Or Jessica will run for mayor.

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