Monday, April 2, 2007

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

Actually, I hate cracker jacks. Not a big fan of caramel.

2007 Major League Baseball Predictions Part 2: Individual Awards

American League

AL MVP: Vladimir Guerrero
AL Cy Young: Johan Santana
AL Rookie of the Year: Dice K

National League

NL MVP: Ryan Howard
NL Cy Young: John Smoltz
NY Rookie of the Year: Kevin Kouzmanoff


  1. Hope you are right with Smoltz....

    Read an interesting article last year regarding whether International players should actually be eligible to win Rookie of the Year.

    If you have been an all star in Japan or Cuba, aren't you a notch above the Triple A level here?

  2. Personally, I'm against "professional" players from other leagues being eligible. Ichiro (which didn't cost you a tattoo, BTW), Kaz Sasaki, Hideo Nomo (over Chipper!) all have, so that be da rules as we know them, hence my pick for Dice.

    Obviously Japan (and probably Cuba) produce major league ready talent, but if you're "legislating" the rule, how do you treat professional leagues in Mexico and other off the beaten path place where Julio Franco probably played?

  3. Hope you are right on Smoltz.

    I doubt the lords of baseball will change the rules, but there has been some good debate in recent years as to whether a Japaneese (or Cuban) player should be able to qualify as a Rookie of the Year. If you have been an all star in those countries, do you really merit consideration as a Rook?

    Since I've got Dice K on my fantasy team, I hope you are correct.