Wednesday, March 21, 2007

With Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln!

Over on the Onion AV Club, by way of Pop Candy, here's an awesome link to a summary of great TV show opening credits.

It's really hard to argue with their choices. More and more shows today are truncating opening credit sequences or getting rid of them together. Remember the classics from our youth, that actually "told a story" and that we can still remember (and probably sing, after twelve margaritas too many) to this day? Beverly Hillbillies? Brady Bunch? Green Acres? Gilligan's Island?

Personally, I like opening credit sequences. They set the mood and tone for the series and either directly or indirectly invite you into the world of the show. Highlights from their list:

  • Love that Sopranos song.
  • Of new shows, Dexter really does a fantastic job juxtaposing the unsettling with the mundane, perfect for the show and the character.
  • I'm glad they mentioned Wild, Wild West and Mission Impossible along with Mannix. Those, particularly WWW, have a Saul Bass feel to them.
  • Police Squad has to the funniest sequence ever.

Other not on the list that I love:

What else?

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