Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talking "Echo," The Original Dollhouse Pilot

Saturday, I had the chance to guest on John Pavlich's SOFA DOGS podcast to discuss the original, unaired pilot of Dollhouse, "Echo."

I had a great time during my previous visit to the podcast to chat about another Whedon property, the sublime Cabin In The Woods, and this time was no different. Things we covered: Dollhouse would have made a great FX show. Is Eliza so criticized as an actress that she's actually underrated? A comparison of the two pilots and which one is actually better. FOX is not the evil empire and killer of genre shows. And of course, how fucking awesome is Olivia Williams/Adelle DeWitt? (on this I will brook no disagreement. The answer is "really fucking awesome").

Here's the page on the SOFA DOGS site where you can find the podcast.

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