Saturday, December 24, 2011

TNRLM's Favorite TV Characters of the Year: The 2011 Contest

Welcome back to an annual Holiday tradition, the TNRLM Character Contest, where I look back at some of my favorite TV characters of the year, AND give you a chance to win some great television.

Here's a quick overview of the contest and the rules:

  1. Below I've posted a collage of cropped images of my 26 Favorite TV Characters from the calendar year 2011.
  2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to accurately identify all* 26 characters. NOT the actor. NOT the show. THE CHARACTER.
  3. I’ve done 25 before, but due to an error in editing, I wound up with 26 this year. So either I can’t count, or I’m too lazy to go back and edit the picture. Just think of it as one more chance for you to demonstrate your knowledge.
  4. Entries should be a list, numbered 1-26, with the corresponding character name.
  5. The first reader to send me an email correctly identifying all* the characters will win a prize.
  6. Deadline for entries is midnight, Sunday, January 1st.
  7. The prize will be an iTunes episode (in HD, if available) from one of the 26 shows in which any of the characters on my list appears. (You choose the show and the episode, and the particular episode doesn't necessarily have to be from 2011 . For example, if one of my favorite characters is Dean Winchester, you could choose "Devil's Trap" from Supernatural's first season.
*When the contest deadline is over, I will review all the entrants. The first, according to the gmail timestamp, entry to correctly identify all 26 characters will win. However, should no one identify all 26 characters, the first timestamped entry to correctly name the GREATEST NUMBER of characters will be declared the winner. (In the two previous contests, no one has named all of them. In 2009, Amanda got 24 of 25, and in 2010, Jim got 20 of 25 – as did another contestant – but he had the earliest time stamp. By eight minutes!). So even if you don't know them all, you could and should enter.

Easy enough, right? Okay, same as previous years, here are a few more rules, disclaimers and considerations:

  • I'm going to limit myself to one character per show. In reality, when you look at the talent-rich casts of shows like Fringe, Boardwalk Empire, Community, or Game of Thrones, I could fill up the collage with just them.
  • None of the characters featured in the 2009 and 2010 contests will be repeated here. Because if I did, it would just be a big collection of Ron Fucking Swanson and Walter Bishop pictures.
  • The characters are not necessarily the "best" characters, nor the most expertly-portrayed characters. Just my favorites (within the confines of the contest rules, e.g., not on last year's list, aired in 2011, one per show).
  • The characters listed will have to have been part of the regular cast or a recurring guest star for multiple episodes, and not a single-episode guest star. There is ONE “cheat” or “exception” to this rule, but if you really think about it, it’s not.
  • The characters have to be from an episode that originally aired in calendar year 2011.
  • I'll publish the list and contest here on the blog and simultaneously tweet a link to the post. So no matter how you usually get here (casual reading, twitter, RSS reader, etc.) you'll have the same opportunity to play.
  • You'll need a valid email address. Obviously, if I'm going to give the winner iTunes TV goodies, I'll have to send you a link to pick up your prize.
  • Submissions are by email, rather than by comments posted on the blog itself, so that partial or incorrect submissions wouldn't give "hints" or "a leg up" to subsequent entries.
  • The submissions can be sent to the email address on the side of this blog: TNRLMeditor(at)
  • Enter as many times as you like!

Remember, DO NOT post your numbered entries or guesses in the comments.  But, feel free to talk about your favorite characters there.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures:

Good Luck!

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