Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bloody Good Snacks

Every week, my Balmer Bestie and I get together to watch flicks and good TV, knock back a few adult beverages and nosh on some munchies. Sometimes, we try to "theme" the food and drink to the evening's programming, such as canapes and extra dry martinis for a showing of The Thin Man, or white russians for yet another visit with The Big Lebowski. (We also grilled steaks for a Buffy marathon - does that count? Get it? Stakes?)

This week, we'll be watching Supernatural, Boardwalk Empire, and most importantly, the season premiere of one of our mutual favorite shows, Dexter. I got an email today, suggesting this as a possible snack to accompany the return of our beloved serial killer and blood spatter expert:

They're lollipops! Isn't that awesome? (as long as they don't taste of Lithgow). The recipe and details can be found here.

What about y'all? Any good suggestions for themed food/booze/entertainment combos?


  1. Sweet! Good choice.

    At one time I had an entire list of items for a Buffy marathon, and "stakes" were definitely on there. (And you can't do Buffy-themed food without onion blossoms. I mean, OBVIOUSLY.)

  2. Onion blossom. Good choice. (But so hard to do on your own).

    I was also thinking about the "Dean Winchester in Heaven" menu of longneck beers and an entire platter of cheeseburgers.

  3. Oh! Have you seen this yet? http://www.buzzfeed.com/mathieus/bloody-dexter-premiere-parties-8q4

  4. My wife made deviled eggs that looked like eyeballs for Supernatural last season, does that count?