Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So. About that "leftover pizza" thing.

Today, my favorite TV critic, Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, tweeted about the overflow of good programming on Tuesdays. (Initially, she had forgotten about Justified, which premiered last night on FX, and I'm sure I was one of dozens to remind her about that one, which is AWESOME). And I scratched my head, and thought "didn't I once lament that lack of anything watchable on Tuesdays?" And in fact, I had done that, calling Tuesday "the worst night of television of the entire week" and "leftover pizza."

Well, things change.

Right now on Tuesdays we have:
V, coming back on 3.30




Law & Order: Criminal Intent,
returning 3.30
Also, we have Sons of Anarchy, returning in September (which is a time slot "partner" with Justified on FX), White Collar, which just wrapped up a successful first season (which is a time slot partner with L&O:CI), and Warehouse 13, returning 7.13.

Damn, that leftover pizza tastes good.

Still, it's not the scheduling and DVR-straining cataclysm that happens two days later, on Thursdays:


Parks & Recreation



(Finally returning 4.1!)
The Office

30 Rock

The Mentalist

(season finale this Thursday, already renewed for a second season!)
Burn Notice
(just concluded season, returning in the summer)
(returning 6.24!)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
(not sure when that resumes, but I assume it will be in the fall, where it would be great paired with a returning Archer on FX)
Now THAT is an overstuffed night.


  1. That is an overstuffed night. Sadly, I don't watch any of those shows, though my son and husband do. They have much better taste in TV shows than I do.

    Love the new look of your blog!

  2. Surely you're talking about Tuesday, right? I can't fathom not watching ANY of the Thursday shows. :) Though there's a lot of variety on Thursday, and a little something for everyone if you want to pick and choose. (And a lot of something for me, since that night is filled with scripted awesome).

    As for Tuesday, I cannot recommend Justified highly enough, despite the title that makes you think of a Justin Timberlake album. It plays out just like an Elmore Leonard novel, which is a good thing.

    And thanks for the comment on the look!

  3. Tuesday is getting hard for my DVR to manage but Thursday is worse and has been for a long time. Love the new look, like moving from winter to spring, which I'm hoping is going to happen any day now.

  4. Thanks! And yeah, Thursday is ridiculous. I wind up putting the NBC comedies on the bedroom DVR, and giving HD priority to the geeky shows where the visuals matter more.

  5. Monday is any better. House, Chuck, HIMYM, BBT & Castle. Not to mention Hoarders & Intervention, though I'll catch those On Demand.

  6. Yep, Monday is in the mix too, Jen! I watch those first 5 you mention, plus Lie To Me/24, the original recipe Law & Order (which really got revitalized a couple of years ago) and the showtime dramadies, Nurse Jackie and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. And then there's Monday Night Football. Many of those things get time shifted, of course, and watched later when there's a spare moment, or are seasonal, but it does pile up. Thanks to Asgard for spacious DVR hard drives.