Friday, November 13, 2009

This week in shocking plot developments

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  1. Yeah, I am thisclose to giving up on Flashforward.

    I think the concept may be too big for a TV show...I keep thinking of all of these huge ramifications that something like a mass worldwide blackout where everybody sees the future might have, and then....nothing...happens.

  2. I don't necessarily mind the "micro" focus on a few characters, as I understand the reality of trying to show worldwide chaos on a global scale with a weekly TV budget (yet another reason for the brilliance of Lost, in that they focus things almost exclusively on a small group that just "feels" like the/our whole world). But no matter how hot Penny Widmore and Roger Sterling's trophy wife are, and despite the fact that you have Charlie the Hobbit, Commodore Norrington and Mister Sulu running around, I just don't care about the characters. I like almost all the actors, so I'm chalking it up to poor and leaden writing. I'll give it a few more eps to keep me (and they made a good move with the agent suicide), but

  3. I really want to like FlashForward and I really want to see how it ends but it's really hard to care. Some of the characters could be really interesting but... i just don't care. And I really thought I was going to fangirl it out when Charlie Pace and Norrington were together but no. I think I'll stick to it for one season and hopefully it can turn around.