Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Willie Martinez Employment Act (Part 2)

Since it's quite apparent we've reached a point in his University of Georgia coaching tenure where Defensive Coordinator Willie Martinez can no longer adequately perform the duties he has been given, we here at TNRLM thought we would offer some suggestions on future employment opportunities where his unique "skills" might be put to better use.

Job Opportunity:
Major League Baseball Bench Coach

Why Willie is a Good Fit:
Often, the responsibilities of the Bench Coach include positioning the defensive players so that a catch can easily be made, free of distractions.

As we've seen several times this year, Coach Willie does an excellent job of putting the defensive players in a position so that a catch can be made without impediment.

(Unfortunately for UGA fans, said catches are made by the opposing team, but this knack for allowing hassle-free catches should translate well to baseball. After all, in both baseball and UGA's defensive outings, it appears only one team is allowed to be around the ball as it descends into awaiting hands).


  1. I am an FSU fan. I will see your Wille Martinez and raise you a Micky Andrews-he hasn't changed his defensive style in 20 years and we currently rank 108 in defense.

  2. I feel your pain, FSU fan. I remember when the Seminole D was a terror (much as I recall Junkyard Dawgs not being Frightened Poodles). But Good news! With 119 teams, you are better than 11! Sigh. I think Coach Richt brought part of the downside of "loyalty" (stagnation, lack of accountability, "faith" that things will get better) with him from FSU, where unfortunately for both of us, he learned that aspect of management from his mentor.