Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'll take potpourri for $6,800, Alex

Don't forget to set your clocks back tomorrow. It's cheaper than building a DeLorean, and where the hell can you find a flux capacitor these days?

Best and Worst Dollhouse "imprints."

15 Celebrity Halloween suggestions.

7 Questions that keep physicists up at night.

Speaking of Dollhouse, here's a fun quiz. (And yes, I got 15 of 15 correct. And yes, I'm a geek).

Interesting recounting of 10 artists who hate their biggest hits.

Orci and Kurtzman (of Trek, Fringe and sadly, Transformers fame) are producing a new movie based on the legendary pulp character Doc Savage. I loved those novels as a kid, and think in the right hands, this could be awesome. Even better? Shane Black is writing the script.

TWOP Gallery of the biggest nerds/brains on television.

Aaaaah! Eye bleach. Celebrity cameltoes.

A great compilation: the definitive list of cliched dialogue. (See how many you recognize and chuckle all the way through. Aside: at a weekly trivial contest, we were asked for the "five words spoken most frequently in motion picture history." I'm not sure how this was determined, but the correct answer was #3 on this list).

A Q&A with Lost producer Damon Lindelof.

Also from Pop Candy, 5 things you should know about Caprica, the BSG spinoff starting soon.

The 20 Worst Sequels to Good Movies.

Timmy Tebow is up for a scholar athlete award
. I'm assuming his studies don't include any history, science or other classes that might date the earth more than 6.000 years. Speaking of little perfect Timmy, someone at the Red & Black is probably going to be kidnapped and burned alive for heresy.

An awesome collection of badass Batman illustrations.

Great piece from HitFix about watching Dollhouse.

The WSJ talks to the gorgeous Morena Baccarin, about V (which starts next week! Set your TiVos!)

A lengthy, and fascinating, AICN chat with Lance Henrickson.

A nice graphic guide to twist endings.

Okay, they are actually making a $175 figurine based on one of the worst scenes from the awful Indiana Jones sequel? Really? What's next? Figurines based on the "coarse sand" sweet talking from the Star Wars prequels? Of Malin Ackerman reciting dialogue from Watchmen? A collectible depicting the entirety of Transformers 2? Nuke the fridge indeed.

By now, everyone has seen the stunning pix of January Jones in GQ. Huffington Post has some hard hitting journalism determining whether or not her tits were airbrushed.

Larry David feels just like I do about his BlackBerry. And kids.

Even if you're not a dog person, you'll still mist up watching this.

Brilliant but Canceled: Sci-fi and supernatural shows killed before their time.

Good list of the 10 Funniest X-Files episodes. (Their #1 is mine also, and still makes me laugh).

10 Best Rock Anthems.

Your How I Met Your Mother translator.

For old nerds: 10 Best (and 6 worst) TSR games that weren't Dungeons and Dragons. (Yep, I had 7 of the "best" and fortunately, none of the "worst").

That was nerdy. This? Well, judge for yourself. It's a dude covering Eminem songs. In Klingon.


  1. The X Files list was awesome, although "Jose Chung" will always be my favorite. To this day if I hear someone say "Roswell," my immediate response is to yell, "Roswell! ROSWELL!. Nobody ever knows what I'm referencing, but it makes me laugh my ass off.

  2. I'm still partial to "Bad Blood," because of the Rashomon thing, and Mulder's rendition of "Shaft" never gets old. But "Jose Chung" is a close runner up. Who knew that an appreciation for 70s Match Game would pay off with a classic X-Files ep?