Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What To Watch: Wednesdays

For what to watch on Mondays (and the intro to what to watch), check here. For Tuesday, check here. Which brings us to Humpday!

Show Net Day Time Priority
Glee FOX WED 900 Watch
Law & Order: SVU NBC WED 900 Sleepytime
Criminal Minds CBS WED 1000 Sleepytime
Nip/Tuck FX WED 1000 DVR
South Park COM WED 1000 DVR

Glee: Obviously, the big news on Wednesday is Ryan Murphy's new hard to define Glee. Is it a musical? A drama? A comedy? Is it a parody of high school shows? Does it take itself and its characters seriously? I don't know the answers to the questions, but I'm sure as hell going to watch to find out. (for my review of the pilot, check here). Murphy knows his way around part of the genre, based on his track record with the spotty, but often hilarious, Popular. The premiere episode, aired much earlier this year following American Idol, showed a lot of promise (and yeah, who other than me downloaded "Don't Stop Believin" by the Glee cast and wore out their iPod?). School diva Rachel Berry (played by broadway vet Lea Michele) has a soaring and powerful voice, and the teacher in charge of Glee Club is winningly played by Matthew Morrison. And of course, Jane Lynch steals every scene she's in. But will Jessalyn Gilsig's (an actress I really like) one note harpy of a wife wear thin? (For her take on the character, check out this HitFix interview). How much will the musical numbers take you out of the drama, comedy and reality of the show? Will the song selections always be so pop culturally relevant and inspired? We shall see, won't we?

Law & Order SVU: This is another show I tune into out of habit. SVU is actually my least favorite of the franchise, and the season pass is designated "keep until space is needed." Perhaps the return Stephanie March and the usual parade of quality guest stars in lurid plotlines can spice it up.

Criminal Minds: Critics loathe this show, and I can see why. An ex got me to watch a few eps with her; I started watching more regularly, and found it to be an interesting, if occasionally sensationalistic and ghoulish, way to spend an hour with a cast I really like (including major crush Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantega, Kirsten Vangsness and AJ Cook -- with occasional guest spots from geek icons like Wil Wheaton and Nick Brendon).

Nip / Tuck: See, THIS is what worries me about Glee. Nip / Tuck started off effectively walking the line between overcooked melodrama and outright camp, and in latter seasons completely went off the rails, barely resembling its originally witty take on superficiality and bromance (effectively sauteed with high concept storytelling and characterization). Still, we're in the home stretch now, and Nip / Tuck will return for a final victory lap, so I'll give it a chance to rebound.

South Park: Last season, with a few exceptions ("Pinewood Derby," anyone?) was just as funny as always.


  1. Wednesday looks to be my light night. I'll be in touch with my sensitive side by watching SYTYCD and Glee (which, by the way, is none of the things you mentioned above...from my point of view it's a DOCUMENTARY).

    Also plan on giving Modern Family a shot, just based on the reviews from Sepinwall and Ryan.

    Next up is the tough night, right?

  2. Documentary. Ha! Funny. I"m in the middle of episode 2, and great so far. I could watch Gold Digger (a song I'm not even crazy about) over and over. Plus, milk shake in the face is never NOT funny.

    I've heard good things about Modern Family, but two things I generally stay away from are "family and kids" shows, and reality. I make the occasional exception (like Gilmore Girls or American Idol, respectively), but I'd rather watch people kill and shoot each other. (Wait, The Sopranos was a "family" show, right?).

    Yes, Thursday is going to tax TWO DVRS that each have two tuners. Ouch.