Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'll take potpourri for $6,700, Alex

Brought to you in panoramic THX vistaview 3-D blogovision

This Jason Whitlock column has to be read to be believed. I guess he's a James Bond fan. (Though it is immeasurably delectable to see yet another sanctimonious hypocrite -- a coach who brings a priest on road trips -- get exposed for the fuckshovel he is).

Video interviews with the stars of the enjoyable new Syfy show Warehouse 13. Joanne Kelly is ADORABLE. And for the ladies, there's some Eddie McClintock (who humorously relates of always being mistaken for Craig Sheffer and David Boreanaz. And tells of Sam Rockwell chatting him for a while, before asking "so is Buffy really hot?")

More video fun for guys and gals! E! chats with the stars of Castle (also equally adorable), and Nathan suggests a Dr. Horrible sequel is in the writing stages. (I'm still hoping for an Emmy performance, though Nathan actually gets that question and says nope, but it could be a subterfuge).

I wax and wane with fashion trends, but now I'm fucking old and just don't give a damn. So it's nice to know that I'm "hip!" Guess I'll order those chili cheese fries.

Mayor? Hell, with this platform, Brad Pitt for motherfucking PRESIDENT.

Den of Geek lists the 25 Best Blockbuster Sequels of All Time. Some of their choices are a little dodgy, but it's hard to argue with their first and second selections from a geek perspective.

A cute and informative graphic of the 10 levels of communication intimacy.

Mental Floss says you can judge a book by its cover.

Top 20 shows cancelled by FOX before their time
. C'mon y'all, what else would be number one? (And of these, I watched 17, was passionate about 12 and have 5 entire runs on DVD. Fuck your mother, FOX).

Pajiba looks at the Most Heinous Page to Screen Adaptations. Really hard to argue with any of these, though I enjoyed both Dresden Files and The Stand for what they were. I think another post should examine casting/writing/directing for a new version of The Stand, which should air on HBO/Showtime/Starz.

Oscar worthy horror movie performances.

I had bunk beds with Star Wars sheets. But DAYUM this is awesome. (And I always preferred the Y-Wing to the X-Wing. Not having this makes me feel like an abused child).

The 10 Greatest "Screaming Lines" in movies. You'll know more than you think.

Technology proves it - shut the fuck up Paula. (I can generally figure out who "looks beautiful up there" and "made it their own" without 4 minutes of incoherent babbling).

Hysterical parody of Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP.

Speaking of shows FOX canceled, who wouldn't want this in their closet?

NFL predictions for all 32 times, as characters from Lost. (Perhaps my neighbors will wonder why I'm screaming "WAAAAAAAALLLLLT!!!!) during Sunday afternoons.

Times Online lists the 10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies of All Time. (Basically, if you want the truth, don't involve Mel Gibson, though surprisingly, The Passion isn't on the list).

Great Vanity Fair read on Mad Men
. (Coming back Sunday! Who else is psyched as hell? And how about that doubleheader -- True Blood and Mad Men back to back? Frakkin' awesome).

Kinda related, I had a twitter exchange with the estimable Mo Ryan (the Chicago Trib's TV critic) about True Blood, and offered the idea (which she seemed to agree with) that True Blood is very reminiscent of Syfy's cult classic Farscape. Inherently preposterous scenario about characters in a fantastical situation with over the top, operatic theatrics, but which is grounded (and made all the more enjoyable) by performances that take the material seriously and play it completely poker-faced. Both shows may have "campy" appeal, but they embrace yet also transcend that label because the people involved treat the show and characters with respect. Thoughts?

I'm always wary when a show adds a baby. But Dexter might be an exception:

7 Greatest Butlers in Nerdom

It would have been out of place in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, but wouldn't the other four movies have been significantly improved with this sequence?

Finally, the epic conclusion of The Middleman never made it to the tube in a produced version. But the creator and cast did a table read at Comic-Con, which is now online in its entirety. If you were a fan, you owe it to yourself to watch it, because it's EPIC. The entire playlist can be found on youtube here, but here's the first part (of 7) to get you started:


  1. Is it just me, or does Joanne Kelly get cuter every week? Maybe it's because they have softened her character as the series has progressed, but I did not find her that attractive the first couple of weeks, but now she is moving up my list.

  2. No, it's not just you. At first, I was distracted by her lips (kinda like Mary McCormack on In Plain Sight) but eventually decided she's hot and that I like her character. (As you mention, she and Pete are getting more comfortable, and she's not so stiff). Plus, seeing the actress be so cool behind the scenes is great (another Syfy example of this is Amanda Tapping, who was usually uptight as Sam Carter on Stargate, but who is bright, warm, funny, humble and vivacious on commentaries and in interviews). Totally adorable.