Monday, June 15, 2009

Pixar's Best Films

I ran across this top 10 list, which is one person's ranking of the Pixar films to date. It's probably a good time to consider the films, since there are now an even 10 out in the marketplace, Up is kicking ass in the theatres, and I've been ODing on showings of Ratatouille and Wall-E on the movie channels lately.

I'll rank only 8, since I haven't yet seen Up, and for some reason, even though I own it on DVD, I've never gotten around to watching Monsters, Inc.

So, TNRLM Best Pixar Films, counting down:

8. A Bug's Life: Nothing against it, but it only scratched the surface of what Pixar could do visually and story wise.

7. Cars: Despite a fondness for Paul Newman and some impressive character design, it didn't quite have the depth and heart of the others.

6. Toy Story: What child didn't wonder if the toys "came to life" when they were out of sight?

5. Finding Nemo: Making everything work in an underwater environment was a miracle of animation.

4. Toy Story 2: In one of those rare "Empire Strikes Back/Aliens" moments, I actually prefer the sequel.

3. Wall-E: The first 40 or so minutes are a masterwork of storytelling, and still the finest moments Pixar has put on film.

2. Ratatouille: So impressive visually (the fur and food, things so difficult to get right, are both just perfect), it has heart and laughs from beginning to end.

1. The Incredibles: Maybe it's just my inner comic book nerd, but this gets my number one slot in a close call. When we speak about the "best comic book movies," The Dark Knight, Iron Man, X-Men 2 and Spider-Man 2 often get thrown around (and with good reason), but The Incredibles, despite not being based on an actual comic book property, deserves to be mentioned in the same breath.

What about y'all? Agree or disagree?

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