Saturday, June 20, 2009

Off suicide watch, for now

Well, today's visit from the DirecTV dude was certainly more productive than the previous one. As you will recall, the other guy said there was not much that could be done. This guy, however, was friendly, creative and responsive to the customer and his tremulous DTs and need for his smack beamed down from above. A minor reconfiguration and relocation of the dish, and voila! TV nirvana once again.

In my previous decade plus with DirecTV, I've always had pleasant experiences with field staff. My friend Freebird told me of mixed experiences with them, which surprised me. But in the last couple of years, I've seen that hit and miss quality myself. When I was getting the hook up last year, the first guy said it couldn't be done, yet the second guy worked his ass off to make me happy. Same thing this time. The first guy acted like he would have to put a pole and dish in the middle of the street to make it work (I would have gladly agreed, and told the traffic to just drive the fuck around, cuz we gots priorities), but the gentleman today was willing to do what it takes to keep me happy and find a solution.

All in all, I didn't miss much that I can't catch elsewhere, and as Commentor Scott pointed out in my previous post, thank Crom this didn't happen during season finale week. If it had happened prior to the Lost finale, it would have looked like the Tate-LaBianca murders around these parts.

Hey, I think I'll go watch some TV.

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