Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'll take potpourri for $6,300, Alex

What a real warp capable ship would look like.

TWOP is kicking off the Tubeys!

Torchwood Season 4 is ready to go, after this summer's 5 part miniseries. (I've missed you, Gwen).

Brennan is unlikely to get knocked up on Bones next season. Thank Zeus! After that clusterfuck of a finale, an out of character and preggo Bones might have driven the show from the Season Pass list.

A well crafted and slightly sympathetic "retro review" of Trek's worst movie, The Final Frontier.

A list of the 15 best sci-fi cliffhangers.

Intrepid Dawg Chronicler David Hale took twitter questions for Coach Richt. You'll see a familiar handle on the list of questioners, though sadly, I didn't get the answer I wanted.

Anyone see these pictures of Heather Graham and think of Marty Feldman? (Hint: it's not about her eyes).

Joss tells EW that Dollhouse will be back with a vengeance

Great list of sci-fi composers.

And then the Lord said, "show your cooter to the masses."

Did y'all hear about this fucking freaky Final Destination situation regarding an almost passenger on Air France 447? Spooky.

NPR assembled a list of the least appropriate wedding songs. Jezebel added a few, too.

Anthony Stewart Head talks about Ripper, Merlin and Buffy.

What words to we look up most often on dictionary.com? Related, what words do online readers of the NY Times look up?

Are these the top 10 lines from Ghostbusters (which is doing surprisingly well in my flickchart rankings, BTW. And has Sigourney Weaver ever looked better than in this movie? This "subcreature" will step right up, thankyouverymuch).

Something here rhymes with "funt."

Lita Ford will be played by the "mama" of the Cylons in the new Runaways movie.

Shia LaBouf no longer interested in playing Yorick Brown
in the Y: The Last Man movie. Whew, we dodged one there. Not a fit for me at all. Does he bother everyone else? How about Anton Yelchin? Or Joseph Gordon Levitt? Ryan Reynolds, if younger, would have been PERFECT. Also, even moreso than Watchmen, Y is much better suited to an HBO or Showtime miniseries than a movie. If you haven't yet read Y, get thee to a comic book store (or bookstore) NOW.

Are these the 52 best natural racks of all time
? And while it's not exactly "natural," enjoy the fact that Xtina doesn't really care for undergarments.

Televisionary chats with Virtuality co-creator Michael Taylor.

Honest network taglines.

Jezebel ponders the fact that Sienna Miller gets another Vogue cover. Also, modern feminists are very against the concept of "slut shaming." (While I consider myself very pro-feminist, I have mixed feelings about that third wave tenet, for lots of personal reasons and experiences. Still, is it out of bounds to "shame" an English trollop who's very clearly humping and frolicking nakedly for the paparazzi with a married man who has kids back home?) Granted, Sienna was kind of cute on Keen Eddie, but GI Joe looks like a steaming pile of shit.

Very funny "embarrassing celebrity red carpet moments." Just click it and giggle.

11 terminally typecast actors.

Earth gets billion year life extension. Whew. Guess I won't worry too much about driving an SUV or recycling.

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