Monday, May 25, 2009

Season Finale Haiku

"Guys. I know kung fu!"
Happily, not the last words,
We will hear Chuck say.

Not all black and white.
Lots of secrets to Un-Locke.
Kate still fucks it up.

What the hell was that?
Babies, brain tumors and sex?
I want amnesia.

How I Met Your Mother
Mom is in the class?
Don't care since we have Barney,
Robin and Aldrins.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Goodbye, smart sci-fi.
Loved the cast, and this John C,
Won't scream at DP.

American Idol
"Golden Idols" suck,
Homophobia clouds vote,
Kara fun at last.

Only good cuz of Cutthroat.
Hugh still awesome, though.

Wash is a badass.
Love for Adelle knows no bounds.
Bring on season 2.

Battlestar Galactica
All just chess pieces,
Cuz god did it all along.
Where did Starbuck go?

Dimension doorway,
Hey look! It's Spock! Walter rocks.
Peter spry for dead.

Desperate Housewives
Please, Dave, kill Susan.
Did anything fun happen?
Why do I still watch?

The Office
God no! Not babies!
Always kills a show for me.
Picnics are awkward.

Heaven has cold beer.
And burgers. Angels are dicks.
Ruby can't act. Bye!

Kim and no cougar.
Red is hot and goes Jack-side.
Quiet end. Good day.

More lame upon lame.
Put B. Fuller on GOOD show.
Cast can't save plotting.


  1. Nice work, dude. Especially agree with the Desperate Housewives one.

  2. Thank. I thought I had given up on DH, but Tivo caught some eps and I got sucked in by my undying love and lust for Dana Delaney (who sadly, doesn't get to do anything fun, strong or bitchy this season).

  3. That is the one show that I can claim to only watch because of my wife and be truthful.