Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now my bladder has a reason to use the internets

Ran across this item on Lifehacker this morning: there is a website that gives you guidance on when to take a piss break at the movies. You could tell me that a scientist discovered cold fusion, or that the government decided to eliminate taxation, or that researchers cured the common cold, and that news wouldn't be as important.

I love the movie going experience, and I almost always have a few cocktails before I go (or, if it's an early matinee, still have 2 pots of coffee coursing through me) and then settle in with a huge coke and popcorn. I've been "blessed" with a bladder the size juice box, and have to take a leak more frequently than an overhydrated hamster on a three day bender. I can't make it through a movie without making a pit stop, and extra lengthy flicks like The Dark Knight or one of the Lord of the Rings epics usually require multiple trips. Now, some enterprising soul has given you a story and time road map on when exactly to go, and not miss anything particularly crucial.

This is a special time in which we live, y'all.

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