Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yes and Maybe

Don't forget, fans of quality TV, that HBO's In Treatment returns tonight (and tomorrow night). Last year, we had one 30 minute ep each weeknight, mirroring psychologist Paul's regular appointments. Now, we get two eps on Sunday, and three on Monday. In Treatment made my 10 Best of 2008 list, so set your TiVos accordingly.

Also, I'm not sure what to make of ABC's new The Unusuals. The promos look intriguing, but a little Adam Goldberg goes a long way. I've never really watched anything with Amber Tamblyn in it, but she seems like the type of quirky actress that might appeal to me. Since we don't have Life on Mars (a featherweight piffle, made entertaining by Michael Imperioli and Gretchen Mol, and forever stained by the ludicrous ending) to kick around anymore, I'll set the DVR and we'll see, I guess.

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