Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hello, Shark

It's funny, I saw this story on E! about Bones yesterday, and made a few notes about how that show was really going off the rails for me. And then I caught this at TWOP today, which kind of echoed what I was thinking.

As for the "baby" thing, when has adding a baby EVER improved a show? Take David Boreanaz's other show, Angel. Yes, the conclusion of Darla's pregnancy was a poignant moment in an alley, but once the kid was there? Ugh. It took a rain of hellfire and major reality bending by Wolfram & Hart to get that back on track. And it's so out of character for Brennan to want a child. I just can't see any possible motivation for this. She's smart, successful, analytical and not likely to fall into the social and religious trappings that presume reproduction is the be all end all of our time on Earth. One, or all, of the Henrickson wives? Of course. Marshall and Lily? Yeah, I can see that, although I will hate it when it happens (I much prefer seeing HIMYM cover up the real life pregnancies with basketballs and crates of orange slices). Rita on Dexter? Yep. All within the characters. But after all we've learned about Bones, I just don't buy it, and it feels like a stunt thrown into the show because they've run out of things to do. (CSI seems to have chugged along quite nicely, maintaining ratings and show quality, without jamming a baby in our faces).

As for other complaints:
  • What the FUCK was with Bones seeing Booth's "hallucinated solider?" Remember that one? They've gone to the hallucination well a few times on this show, which is fine I guess, but having Bones see it too, said that this was A REAL "LIVE" GHOST. Ghosts are great on genre shows, like Supernatural, but here? What the hell was that?
  • I don't mind the rotating interns, actually. (Though the muslim dude was just a shoehorned politically correct tolerance message that was at odds tonally with the rest of the show).
  • Also, I actually like Agent Perotta.
  • The TWOP article is dead right about the inconsistencies, like Bones driving a sports car. Just sloppy continuity for a show that doesn't exactly have a Lost-like labyrinth of details to follow.
  • Also dead on about Brennan's character, in addition to the ridiculous baby thing. I'm all for characters evolving or showing growth or different shades (good example: Sawyer on Lost) where it makes sense, but when you have a character as sharply defined as Bones, it's just not logical to suddenly and inexplicably turn her into something she's not (good example: House is, and should stay, a bastard).

Maybe they can just wind this season up by saying that all the baby stuff and out of character behavior was just a Dallas-style hallucination that a ghost was having.


  1. I can't believe I agree with Angel Cohn on most every point she made. (Agreeing with you? That I can believe.) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't mind the rotating interns. They've brought several of them back for a second look, and there's not a single one I'd hate. I really wish they'd bring back Edison, though. I just sort of assumed he'd be filling that spot eventually, and I'm rather disappointed he hasn't even shown up.

  2. Ha! Just watched tonight's ep. Without spoiling the rest of your readers, I'll just say, "Briefcase bomb, indeed."

  3. I'll probably get around to watching the current ep this weekend. (I was busy with a hilarious Supernatural, and a BSG DVD rewatch last night). Hopefully, we will get back on track.

    As for the interns, I didn't think I'd like that tactic, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I've enjoyed them all. My favorite is probably the English dude who spouts incessant trivia.