Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bubble Watch

It's that time of the year when TV show renewals are in the air, and that brings the dreaded "bubble watch."

Because the great unwashed masses are generally too dumb or inattentive to appreciate quality work, or because of the limited broad appeal of genre fare, many of the shows I wind up loving often face the damned bubble. Fortunately, some of my most loved shows are already guaranteed (or almost a lock for) a place on the schedule next year, such as Lost, Supernatural, Fringe and Big Bang Theory (among 50+ others with a place of honor among my Season Passes). Others aren't so lucky:

How it would hurt if these shows were cancelled:

Gaping, sucking chest wound; punctured eyeballs; followed by being set on fire:
  • Chuck (The most charming show on TV. A little bit of everything: espionage, laughs, romance, intrigue, action. Go buy a Subway sub on Monday!)
  • Dollhouse (Like most of Joss's shows, this is really hitting its stride as it gets deeper into the mythology and characterizations. Been nuthin' but AWESOME since "Man on the Street.")
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Is there no room on TV for intelligent, well written sci-fi?)

Compound fracture of the tibia:
  • Castle (A cut above the usual procedural with likable characters and charisma to burn).
  • Reaper (wandering and amiable, but holding its own against the Idol juggernaut. The addition of Nina and Morgan has helped, Ben is a deadpan master, and Ray Wise's Devil is Emmy worthy).
  • Party Down (Really funny, with distinct characters and an offbeat tone).

Vicious punch to the solar plexus:
  • Better Off Ted (Why isn't this fantastical workplace sitcom, which never fails to make me laugh, getting more attention?)
  • The Unusuals (Another cop show, sure, but at least it's trying something different).
  • Law & Order (I've been with it from the beginning, and this current cast is fantastic and the best since the glory days).
  • Lie to Me (Unique premise that's held up better than I thought it would thus far. Tim Roth and Kelli Williams are great, and Jennifer Beals showed up last night as Roth's ex-wife. Good stuff).

  • Samantha Who (Yeah, it's kind of slight, but Christina Applegate is a fantastic comic actress).
  • My Name is Earl (Even when it aims and misses, Earl has a great top to bottom cast who can handle anything from farce to heartwarming).


  1. Chuck and Dollhouse are the ones I'm really stressing over. I'm hoping Salvation may revive T:SCC, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Meanwhile, According To Jim is in its 8th season.

  2. I agree. All reports point certain doom for T:TSCC, and I've come to gradually accept that, though I don't like it. Where's the sci-fi on TV? A new Stargate show might be promising. Doctor Who has only 4 specials, vs. a season, and Torchwood has a miniseries vs. a season.

    RDM's Virtuality seems like a long shot, and Caprica is a long way off. Sigh.

    Yes, Jim is in an 8th season. Wife Swap and Supernanny beat the Fox Friday. And even a fallen Heroes outdraws Dollhouse. Signs of the apocalypse? Sigh again.