Thursday, March 5, 2009

This week's SI Pop Culture Grid

Last week's TNRLM version. This week's SI Version.

On to the questions, and my answers:

____ should make a comeback

Dreams So Real, and obscure Athens band from my college days, whose albums only recently hit iTunes and Amazon. Or Sarah Michelle Gellar.

_____ reminds me of a desperate housewife

I had a lovely realtor, that reminded me of a shorter, bawdier Bree.

Weirdest thing a coach ever said to me

"Please, at least try the vegetables." (My dad was my little league coach). Or, I can think of an intramural football coach asking where we put the hooka.

My ultimate karaoke song would be

If I could sing, probably something by Sinatra. Since I can't, perhaps a Shatnerian version of "Rocket Man."

Best nickname I ever had

"Big Daddy," my bowling league nickname. Or, the one I use here.

I'm dying to get in the ring with...

In real life, he knows who he is. Or any Nielsen families that watch Supernanny on Fridays.

First car you ever owned

1972 Dodge Challenger.

I really wish I knew how to...

Play the piano.

Song playing on my iPod right now

"10 Million Slaves" by Otis Taylor

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