Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starbuck's parentage in question?

If you listen to Ron Moore's BSG podcasts like I do, then you just became aware of this little piece of news:

Daniel, the 7th Cylon, who was boxed by Cavil (as we learned in "No Exit") is in no way, shape or form related to Kara Thrace. He is not, as many of us have presumed, her father. Moore said that Daniel was intended to be a minor character/mention at most, mainly used to create a "Cain and Abel" parallel with Cavil, and reveal more about Cavil's backstory and character than anything.

He did not call this "revelation" from the "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" podcast a spoiler, but thought he should address it to clear up some misconceptions about Daniel and Kara that he says he was seeing on the internet. Many folks, including yours truly, assumed from the way the episodes have been playing out, particularly in "Someone to Watch Over Me," that Daniel was indeed Dreilide Thrace. Nope, says Moore. He didn't provide any further clarification on Daniel or Kara.

Personally, I thought that made a whole lot sense:
  • Would explain how Dreilide recognized the BSG version of "Watchtower."
  • Would explain how Kara was able to see him in the bar, via her own "half Cylon" projection.
  • Would explain where he went (since he was "boxed" or killed by Cavil).
  • Might explain, somewhat, how Kara was able to come back from the dead (resurrected via Cylon technology, into a body created by DNA taken from her back in "The Farm").
  • Daniel was described as an artistic type, which is also in line with Kara's childhood experiences.
  • And it seems silly now, but both names start with a "D." (Dreilide is inspired by two German terms, which mean "third eye." Or metaphysically, "inner eye" or "gateway to the soul." Both of these would also seem Cylon-ish).

Does this clarification mean that we'll learn something more (and different than what we presumed) about Kara's nature and destiny in the finale Friday?



  1. If that's the case, then I dislike STWOM even more than I originally did.

    I still trust Moore to give us something good in the finale, but seriously...what was the point of that episode?

  2. yeah, that whole thing is a head scratcher. I'll hold out judgment until Friday, but it certainly does diminish what we saw in STWOM, doesn't it? I was actually happy that the dots (no pun intended with Hera's drawing) connected so well.