Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'll take potpourri for $5,500, Alex

Someone has attempted a BSG timeline.

LA Times chats with Ron Moore.

TWOP's 10 Reasons BSG is leaving at the right time.

IF Magazine talks to Tahmoh Penikett about BSG and Dollhouse.

Move The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party to Atlanta? In a dome? Uh, NO. Antiseptic atmosphere. Tailgating with the homeless. Diminished south Georgia and Florida recruiting. Fewer available tickets. "Neutral site" games should have a singular location for tradition and history. College football in a dome sucks.

Stafford has a good pro day workout.

Alan Sepinwall's favorite BSG episodes.

Richt doesn't have a problem with Spurrier or Urban Meyer
. I'll just pretend I didn't read this, and that they are both still gaping assholes.

RDM talks about the "Daniel fiasco." I still think it would have made sense.

AfterEllen chats with Jane Espenson about Buffy, Caprica, Dollhouse and BSG.

Highlights from Joss's recent conference call.

Fun look at the history of Batman logos.

Video Q&A with Kate Vernon (aka Ellen Tigh). Gods, she's adorable.

More with Kate and Michael Hogan. Who wouldn't want a happy hour with the Tighs? (Though apparently, if you can't keep up with the Tighs shot for shot, you wind up in an alley puking on yourself, Adama).

Yeah, I need some new furniture.

TV Guide chats with Elizabeth Mitchell.

10 guys you're allowed to have a man-crush on.

io9 thinks about 10 great sci-fi endings.

Interesting chat with the guy in control of Batman's film rights.

Lost's Damon Lindelof chats about Watchmen.

Sarah Silverman sums up how to think about "divas."

Rivals looks at 2009 UGA.

When TV shows change their DNA.

A history of Trek Movie titles.

80s sitcom intros. Ahhhh, my eyes!

Annoying habits of a geeky spouse.

The things to say during sex flowchart.


  1. Yeah, the Daniel thing really makes no sense to me. RDM thought they could just throw out an extra Cylon and the fanbase wouldn't pick up on it and start coming up with theories? Has he ever MET a geek before? This is what geeks DO.

  2. Totally disagree about the Dome. Keep it neutral site, every other year in J'ville and the Atl. Let the Gators drive on alternate years.

    Alltel Stadium (or whatever its called now) is just as antiseptic and NFL a stadium as the Dome.

    AND, don't tell me the Dome doesn't rock for the SEC championship. It would be just as good an environment every other year for the Georgia/Florida game.

  3. Scott, I think that's the difference between RDM/BSG and Darlton/Lost. One paints with a broad brush and the other paints with a fine line (note all the interweb craziness of Charlotte's age recently). But both are, rightly, primarily concerned with character and story. I love both shows for that, and understand the differences in their storytelling techniques. (But Jane Espenson also said on a recent chat that she didn't think people would go wild with the "Daniel" speculation either. Really? It amazes me that a very smart writers room wouldn't see what they were putting out, when fandom all over the world got EXACTLY that connection between Daniel and Kara).

    Junkyard, thanks for the difference of opinion. I enjoyed my experiences with SEC Championships and the Sugar Bowl (if not the result) at the Dome. It does rock, from a crowd energy standpoint. Indoor football is just a bit antiseptic for my tastes. Plus, I think from a recruiting standpoint, it's a little like preaching to the choir in the metro ATL area. Plus, there's absolutely NO comparison in tailgating. I've done a few Falcons tailgates, and it's just not the same as being anywhere near Jax. But I understand the financial and other motives to talk with the Dome (if only to keep Jax honest).