Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're 6.25!

Reading the USA Today at lunch, I noticed that they had a short summary of how 4 different recruiting services had UGA ranked for the latest class. We average out to a Top 10 position of 6.25, arguably the best in the SEC East and behind LSU and 'Bama overall in the conference.

Not bad. But of course, those aren't the "rankings" that matter now, are they? Remember these delightful bons mots from the Book Of Spurrier:
"Why is it that during recruiting season they sign all the great players, but when it comes time to play the game, we have all the great players? I don't understand that. What happens to them?"
Speaking of the University of Jorts (and blinding hate), Hello Kiffykins is sure making friends quickly in the SEC, isn't he?

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