Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, Monday

Last week's poll went overwhelming in favor of the delightful Yvonne Strahovski as your favorite new Aussie actress (I guess I'm out on the island of Torv-love on my own). Not that there was a bad choice there.

This week's question: What is your Monday television viewing priority?

Monday is one of those nights that causes the TiVo to sputter and wheeze. On NBC, you have Chuck and Heroes. On FOX, you have House and 24. On CBS, you have Big Bang Theory and HIMYM. And over on TNT, you have (for part of the season) The Closer. Thank Zeus I have west coast feeds for CBS, dual tuners and TiVo in two rooms, or we might be getting into Sophie's choice territory.

So with all this goodness, what do you prioritize and watch "live?" Or "almost live?" Sure you can TiVo all the shows, but which ones to you try to watch on Monday nights? Note: you can check more than one, if you want.


  1. Yeah, you are definitely in better shape than I am. I only get the East coast feed, and I only have one DVR tuner, so I can only tape two shows at once.

    I tape Chuck and House at 8, Heroes and 24 at 9, and then I tape the 11PM replay of The Closer. It's because of this logjam that I have never been able to get into HIMYM and Big Bang Theory...there have always been other shows that already held a higher priority for me. And I actually haven't watched The Closer once this season...shaping up to be a Saturday marathon for the wife and me once the season is over, probably.

  2. Couple of things:

    So which of the shows you're taping do you watch first? And which get left over for later? I usually watch House first, then 24, then my recording of Chuck. (Or, sometimes, Chuck first, then the House recording and got to bed). Heroes gets viewed later in the week, when I get around to it, as does The Closer (which has been very good lately, BTW).

    And when you get a chance (via repeats, itunes, online or whatever) you should get into HIMYM and Big Bang -- VERY entertaining. In fact, I think that BBT may have inched ahead of 30 Rock and The Office as my favorite sitcom on TV.

  3. I usually watch Chuck and Heroes on Monday night (depending on whether I have anything else hanging out on the DVR from the weekend...for instance, last night it was Chuck and Psych), and MAYBE 24 if I don't get started watching too late.

    Yeah, I definitely want to go back and watch HIMYM and BBT, but it's difficult to find those online (CBS website sucks the root, and no CBS shows on Hulu) so it may be a DVD project.