Friday, January 23, 2009

The most fascinating thing in the world... this:

Or at least it is to the kids. In case you couldn't tell from the pic, it's one of those plastic pull tabs typically featured on beverage cartons. Since I drink a fluid fuck-ton of coffee with half and half, I always have these things around. And it's not like they make a lot of noise when you pull one off, but the cats come running from another room when they hear it being removed. (Much the same way we did in college when we heard the pop top on a brewski).

I don't understand the obsession with them. They don't move. They haven't been baked in an opium den with catnip. They don't flash and sparkle. But they remain, by far, the favorite "toy." And I've tried other things. Doorknob hangy things with feathers. Rolling balls with bells. Mice shaped toys stuffed with herbs. But they know what they like, and dammit, that's what it is. They're cheap (or no cost, depending on how you look at it), however, the only downside is that they don't play well with the vacuum cleaner. They're easy enough to avoid when vacuuming, though, so it's a small price to pay for the eternal gratitude and constant joy they seem to bring.

So let's hear it for plastic pull tabs, the most fascinating toy known to man. Or cat.

Just for the "awwwww" factor:


  1. I had to listen to that damn tab all Tuesday night at my house. The only other thing that gets my cats that excited is a tack/push pin -- which, by the way, is exceptionally uncool if your foot finds it before the vacuum cleaner does.

  2. Twist ties from bread are also a big draw.

  3. Push pin? Ouch. I think that would be dangerous for everyone involved. Therefore, I have no doubt the kids would find it fascinating.

    You're right Jen, twist ties are also popular here.

    Also in demand are the earbuds from the iPod, if I was stupid enough to leave them on the counter and not place them in their appropriate place in the desk drawer when not in use. I'm kind of OCD about that anyway, but the first day I brought some home, I saw them eyeing them as they dangled off the desk and said "nuh-uh."