Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't try this at home

Ever tried to transition from one "primary" PC to another?

And make sure that...

  • All the same applications are installed the same way? And that every setting for each of 30+ applications is the exact same as it was?
  • Every single peripheral and device (external hard drive, printer, scanner, monitor, modem, router, iPod, CrackBerry, etc.) is installed and fully functional?
  • Every document you've ever created is moved and in the exact same place in the same folder on the new PC?
  • The financial history of your life in a 6 year old Money program is flawlessly backed up, moved and reinstalled?
  • All your emails are archived and accessible?
  • You can move your iTunes library, along with all its related settings, ratings and playlists, to another PC?

If you have, then perhaps you can understand why there's a mandatory waiting period on the purchase of handguns.

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