Tuesday, December 16, 2008

But does it come with a label maker?

Much to my surprise, I opened up a UPS package this morning to find the following:

One of my BFFs sent me this (along with a delightful card). Too funny.

As we know, OCDs come in all shapes and sizes. My particular strain is more "organized" and less "germophobe." I mean, I do keep a pretty "clean" place, but I'm more worried about neatness and everything having a place than I am about coming into contact with germs. I don't have any worries about my cats having complete run of the house, and jumping up on whatever they want (like I could stop that anyway) and I'm fully in favor of the "5 second rule" when it comes to dropping food. But everything in the house (and office, and car, and briefcase, and...) has a distinct and specific place where "it goes." And when it's not in "active use," it goes right back there. Everything should be labeled, preferably with a P-Touch. I compulsively make lists, and have a "checklist" for virtually every type of activity you might want to undertake. Almost every household item has a "backup," and sometimes backups of backups. Needless to say, if the apocalypse came tomorrow, I would probably be well prepared.

Nonetheless, the "action figure" made me laugh. Now I have to find a categorized place for it.


  1. Remember that episode of DS9 where the Cardassian makes fun of O'Brien because the Terrans have redundancy systems for their redundancy systems? That's what this made me think of.

    And then I remembered that I own two coffee pots AND I DON'T EVEN DRINK COFFEE.

  2. I do remember that ep. I think the Cardassians might have wanted more redundant redundancy somewhere around Season 7. I miss seeing O'Brien on my TV. Meany was supposed to be on the Life On Mars remake, but the whole cast (except for the lead) was ditched, and the role was recast with Harvey Keitel (but he's terrific, actually). Though he did show up recently on a Law & Order as a Mormon nutjob tracking down his teenage wife.

    And as a coffee drinker, I commend your diligence. Hell, I have two functioning coffee MAKERS.

  3. What a perfect gift. Every time I load my dishwasher, I think of you (as I'm throwing the knives, forks and spoons in haphazardly) because I know it would kill you that I'm not putting all of the utensils in their proper place, in their proper direction.

  4. That little basket on the bottom tray for utensils? It has separate compartments FOR A REASON.

  5. It is nice to know that I am not the only one anal about the utensil tray!