Sunday, December 14, 2008

Around the Dawgosphere

Three of UGA's SEC compatriots have made coaching hires. The orange-wearing devils UT added Lane Kiffykins, and his primary benefits seem to be A) a hot wife, B) a smart dad, and C) adding the unintelligible but skilled recruiter Ed Orgeron. USC's offense didn't seem to miss a beat once he took his (arguable) contributions to the professional wasteland that is Oakland, and as long as Cutcliffe isn't calling the plays for the Vols, I'm okay with this move. Mississippi State only rolls around on our schedule every few years, and the talent base there isn't really solid enough to threaten for the conference championship, so anything that weakens The Jorts is okay in my book (though it would be nice if someone took their DC too -- who inexplicably got passed over on the coaching carousel again). And then there's the WarEagleTigerPlainsmen. Holy shit what a clusterfuck. You get rid of Tubs, only to add a head coach who has unbelievably managed to diminish the program at Iowa State? As a Dawg fan, I can only say "thank you" to Auburn.

How will Knowshon fare in the pros? He certainly has all the skills. The only question will be how he takes the pounding at the next level.

The tennis Dawgs win another national title. (Once upon a time, many moons ago, your TNRLM editor was asked to try and walk on with the team. Of course, your humble editor was more interested in keg parties).

Hey, guess what? I found another Mandel shot at UGA.

Julio Jones named SEC freshman of the year. Excuse me? Team results aside, what the hell were the voters smoking? And how does someone make AP ALL-SEC FIRST TEAM OFFENSE (ahead of the other guy) and NOT get named freshman of the year. WTF?

David Hale takes a great, in-depth look at next year's lineup. Yep, the losses of (potentially, but probably) of Stafford and Moreno, along with Sutherland and MoMass, will hurt. But I think the offense will be much better collectively than it appears. The line, with experience and recovery from injuries, not to mention CSS coachin' 'em up, will be very solid. And even though Cox has been there for a while behind Staff, I don't envision this as a Tereshinski situation. The question will be how the D -- and the coaching of the D -- responds to a horrific year.

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