Friday, November 14, 2008

Whiskey x-mas comes early

I think everyone knows by now that I love the purple-bagged nectar of the gods. I went grocery shopping tonight after work, and not just for the usual staples of coffee, frozen pizzas, diet Coke, half and half, detergent/bleach/softener and cat food. I also swung by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of Crown in preparation for the Tigers/War Eagles/Plainsmen vs. Dawgs game tomorrow. Thanks to a helpful sales dude (thanks, rare friendly customer service person in the mid-Atlantic!), I realized that it was "gift set time," whereby you can purchase your regular bottle 'o booze and receive, at no additional cost, some type of liquor logo tchotchke. In the past, I've received high ball glasses, low ball glasses, bottle stands, bottle tops and all types of assorted accoutrement. But tonight, I think I got my new favorite gift from the fine folks at my favorite distillery:

It's a handy metal and purple bag-wrapped hip flask. Awesome, no? And while it certainly isn't utilitarian or voluminous enough for a Dawgs game (that sucker wouldn't make it through the first quarter - though taking homecoming against Vandy into account, would have probably been a wiser choice), it's certainly a nice addition to the bar ware. And will probably come in handy the next few weeks at work.

Fuck Santa. Ho, ho, ho, I'm going to the liquor store.

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