Sunday, November 2, 2008

Turn back time

Don't forget to set your clocks back. One of the (few) benefits of my move, is that now I have 15 fewer clocks to reset twice a year.

Additionally, given a choice, I think many of us would also like to set our clocks back to about 3:o0 PM yesterday, just before kickoff at the Cocktail Party. Then, with a few extra minutes:
  • Penn Wagers and crew could have been replaced with actual, observant, competent human beings.
  • A UGA alum group could have hired Jeff Giloolly and Shawn Eckhardt to sub-contract out to Shane Stant a "pipe to the knee" hit on Tim Tebow. Or, someone in missionary clothes could have slipped Tebow a note, telling him that there was a penis in trouble in the congo that needed his immediate attention.
  • I know UGA has changed jersey colors a few times in the past couple of years, with all this "blackout" hullabalo, but someone could have explained to Matt Stafford that we were wearing red, and the opponent was wearing white. Might be useful for targeting purposes.
  • 30 minutes is more than enough time for Willie Martinez to update his resume.
  • If the term "onside kick" comes up in pregame planning, you could just shut down that conversation.
  • Someone could remind Urban Meyer that Urban Meyer needs to save Urban Meyer's second half time-outs for the last minute.
  • I'm sure Rachel Ray has a recipe for "humble pie" as part of her "30 minute meals" collection. Ummmm, who's hungry?

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