Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dawgs vs. Vols: The Weekend Travelogue and Gameday Experience, Vol. IV

After last week's Tolstoy-like screed, I think I'll keep it short and sweet this week. Bottom line, nothing of bloggy note really happened.

As for the tailgate and travelogue:
  • There were no harbingers of the apocalypse or bad omens.
  • I had the flu all week, and felt like crap for most of the weekend. And probably a little still today.
  • There were no unexpected guest stars, nor an incident of "The Whitney Factor." (though we did agree on some of the particulars - it has to be an extended, in-person sighting, not just attendance without an up close encounter).
  • The plans and trains and automobiles arrived on time.
  • Everyone remembered their tickets.
  • No pedestrians were run down.
  • All the electronics performed as expected.
  • There was an amusing comments about "lap sitting," but it would take too long to explain, and dammit, I'm tired.
  • Don't buy liquor at Firehouse package store on Broad street on gameday. WILDLY overpriced.
As for the game itself:
  • We won.
  • I still hate the Vols and all their baby-eating-carrots-shitting-in-a-diaper-orange.
  • Phat Phil is probably not long for this world.
  • The score doesn't accurately reflect the total control we had of this game, and the whoop ass we laid on the visitors from Knox Vegas. Realistically, there probably should have been another 10 - 14 points added to the scoreboard. Sadly, with a few exceptions (Aloha!), it's characteristic of the CMR era to play to the level of the opponent and win, but not napalm the scoreboard. I guess we can be grateful for talented kickers.
  • Unless he's just bone-tired from playing corner leading into a punt, I think Prince should be returning punts.
  • MoMass is a man.
  • Despite the picks, 7 had a hell of game. (Though those picks did contribute mightily to the lackluster total on the scoreboard).
  • After the face plant at Neyland last year, a win is a win.
  • 1 net yard rushing? That's damned impressive.
  • That was a terrible call on the defensive holding in the red zone. "Repeat third down" my ass.
  • Another bad day to be ranked in the top 5.
  • Vandy and LSU look less daunting than before (but still a challenge, don't get me wrong), and of course the big circle on the calendar is for the Cocktail Party. And yes, goddammit, the game is still called "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." (Just like I referred to last weekend's clash as the "Red River Shootout." PC mavens go fuck yourself).
Another weekend, another trip, another game. Maybe I'll feel back to normal in a couple of days. Go Dawgs.

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