Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"You got peanut butter in my chocolate..."

", you got chocolate in my peanut butter."

Saw this tidbit about S3 of Heroes on EW this morning:
Question: What is up with Kristen Bell and Heroes? It’s been ages since we’ve heard anything. Steven
She's back on the set shooting her multi-episode arc as we speak! Woo-hoo! In other Heroes news, look for the action (or at least part of the action) to shift to a comic book shop in Athens, Georgia around Episode 11.
Don't you love it when three of your interests come together? Not quite the perfect syzygy of having a UGA transfer student looking for Cylons on the campus of UC Sunnydale, but I appreciate the forthcoming geeky shout out to the motherland.

Sadly, I think episode 11 may run too late in the real football season for a subplot where Sylar opens up Phil Fulmer's skull on October 11th, only to be disappointed when he doesn't find any brains to eat.

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