Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm not a killer...

...or maybe I just hide it well.

I took the Dexter "psycho therapy" ink blot test, and my results:
Your killer instinct is 38%.

Your responses indicate that you are either very normal, or that you are very good at hiding your deadly instincts. Keep up the good work.
The stellar (and Emmy nominated!) second season of Dexter arrives on DVD today, and the third season starts on Showtime September 28th.

Speaking of Dexter, Julie Benz is the subject of Pop Candy's latest podcast. Check here or the iTunes store for more details.


  1. OK, so you have steadfastly ignored every mention I have made here of my beloved Twilight Saga and the movie of the first book that has just stepped into Harry's vacant shoes for Thanksgiving (pretty much guaranteeing a sequel and much more fangirl squeeing...). BUT... did you know that the screenwriter who faithfully adapted the book for the big screen is none other than Melissa Rosenberg, writer and co-executive producer of your beloved Dexter. Oh yeah and she's also a huge Buffy fan.

    Worlds are colliding! Hee hee hee...

  2. You should know that I'm in the home stretch of the final Potter audiobook, and next in the queue is Twilight (followed by Carl's suggestion of the Wheel of Time book). And I've carefully avoided any spoilers for the saga, so it will unfold as "new" to me, and I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Well now don't I feel stupid???!!! I figured you were just ignoring me! LOL

    The audiobooks are definitely the way to experience both book sets. I have been through both series on audio many many times and they never get old!

    OK - so I'll stop being so damned impatient and just wait for you to catch up!!!