Friday, August 29, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $2,700, Alex

Has Chad Johnson actually changed his legal name to "Ocho Cinco?" That's bizarre, and just plain funny.

SI offers up their writer predictions on the college football season. Dawg-related:
  • 7 writers, only 2 see UGA in the title game. 3 see us in the Sugar. Only Andy Staples predicts a Dawgs national championship ("They may be a trendy pick, but the Bulldogs have all the elements of a championship team -- including the brutal schedule.")
  • One picks ASU as a "flop," citing a porous O line. That bodes well for Willie's boys.
  • Beanie Wells and Jorts Jesus seem to be the Heisman favorites, but one writer throws this in there: "Trocchi: Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia. The Bulldogs' signal-caller has the weapons he needs to fulfill his enormous potential."
  • In "Next Household Name," no one mentions AJ Green. I hope they're wrong.
Before the first ep of the second season has aired, NBC picks up the full season of Chuck. Hell yeah!

Speaking of the Chuckster, here's a fantastic interview with creator Josh Schwartz.

One of my most anticipated new shows of the fall is HBO's True Blood. Check out this interview with Alan Ball.

ESPN's Chris Low on the 25 things he's looking forward to about SEC football. Nice touch to start the list with Munson.

Biden is even further left on taxes than the chosen One. For all the people getting quivery over this, who the hell do they think creates and sustains the jobs for the middle class? Oh yeah, the folks that the Donkeys want to tax into oblivion. I'm sure that will work out in the long run. (and in order to be "fair and balanced," I loathe the theocratic flat earthers on the right, too. They just want to steal less of my money. Yikes. This whole two party system is making me nauseous. Thank Zeus football season is here for a distraction).

I had no idea that the "new" James T. Kirk is being played by Robert Pine's son. I knew the names were the same, of course, but didn't realize they were related. Robert Pine is a veteran character actor that's been around doing good work forever, but I remember him most as the Sergeant on CHIPS.

Top 10 fictional sports.

Tidbits about Woody Allen at the box office. I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona this week, and it was fantastic.

"Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!" Great title for an article about awful fictional educators. Features many recognizable and touchstone characters, including Synder from Buffy.

This take on Dancing With The Stars cracks me up. And if they actually go through with having Ted McGinley, does that mean the show will get cancelled before they crown a winner? Only casting the adorable Paula Marshall could doom it more.

The Dude still abides.

Recap of Mad Men's "Three Sundays" episode. Money Quote: "I want Sally to make all of my drinks for me. 9% tomato juice, 91% booze. " Perhaps the only valid argument for reproduction I've heard.

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