Monday, August 4, 2008

Howdy, y'all!

Welcome Park Benchers and Whedonesquers. While Liz, the maven of the "nerd girl" blog "The Park Bench" is on vacation, she's asked a series of guest bloggers to step in for her. I penned today's entry, about the singers featured in the Joss Whedon projects "Once More With Feeling" and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Regular TNRLM readers can check that out here. For those visiting for the first time, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to stick around and make yourself at home. There's beer in the fridge. But please use a coaster.


  1. It was a good post...and since I downloaded Dr. Horrible to my work computer, I've been able to watch it for free from Hulu (in fact, I found myself humming Brand New Day while rearranging furniture on Saturday).

    BTW - did you receive (and enjoy) your Spaced DVDs yet?

  2. I did get the Spaced DVDs, but haven't watched them yet. I sense a marathon in my future very soon.