Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $2,000, Alex

NY Times columnist loves Buffy.

An alien from another planet crash lands on earth during the 6th century, unleashes a monster, and works with the local vikings to kill it. Sound like fun?

Early report on True Blood
, which will definitely earn a Season Pass on the TiVo.

TV Critics "Best & Worst" shows (that aired after Jan 08, so Mad Men won't be on it). Lost is at the top, which is nice. Also of note: 30 Rock and The Office at 3 & 4; House at 6; BSG at 7; In Treatment at 10; Big Bang Theory at 14; Torchwood at 16. At the bottom? Lots of reality, which is no shock.

I need to date a former GAP employee.

This title of this list seems redundant.

Silence! Dr. Smith insults the robot.

A Hearts of Darkness style "documentary" about the making of Tropic Thunder. Funny stuff.

Who are the best bands from each state?
I'm glad that my favorite band, from "my" state, was rightfully recognized.

Hey, moron-in-charge -- if you're going to use a quote from one of the founding fathers, use the entire fucking quote. But I guess the line about "monkish ignorance and superstition" -- what we chose to escape and go to war over, along with unnecessary taxation -- conflicts too much with your dimwitted idea of a theocracy.

What colleges produce the most NFL starters
? On offense, the SEC leads with 63. On defense, the SEC leads with 74. Within the hallowed SEC, the safety-vest wearing cousin-humpers lead the way with 20, followed by the world's best university with 19.

Also, the most hated CF programs of the last 25 years. Hard to argue with #1 and #2, but as always, I'd put their #10 as my #1. Fuckers.

Makes sense. Maybe that's why I'm so happy, bubbly and effervescent.

Holy Al Gore! The polar bears are safe! (unless Sawyer shoots them).

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