Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Doctor is in

I'm sure by now everyone has seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, right? And everyone is on board with the awesomeness, right? If you haven't, get your ass to iTunes and buy it right now. $3,99 for 3 acts of hysterical, musical, entertaining and tragic perfection. Not too big a price to pay. I've watched the entire thing 4 times already, and plan to buy the DVD when it's released later this year (with musical commentaries!).

Some choice Dr. Horrible linkage: (and note: if you haven't seen it yet -- what's wrong with you? -- there are signficant spoilers and you might want to avoid clicking on these until after you've watched)

An "oral history" of Dr. Horrible, from EW, featuring interviews with all the cast and crew. (tidbit: NPH is close friends with the adorable Amy Acker, and he also read for the part of Simon on Firefly. Sean Maher is great, but I wonder what NPH would have been like as River's older brother and Kaylee's crush?).

A wrap of Act 3, and a brief NPH interview, from Alan Sepinwall.

Quick E! recap of the Dr. Horrible panel at Comic-Con.

Io9 Coverage of the panel.

Another glowing review.

Did Sarah Michelle Gellar make a cameo in Dr. Horrible? Check it out.

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