Friday, June 20, 2008

Your vote counts

One of the TV columns that I enjoy reading is Amy Amatangelo's "TV Gal" over on Zap2It. She's hosting her annual "Amy Awards," which features categories and nominees for the awards submitted by the readers. The categories are kind of fun, so I encourage you to check 'em out and let me know what you think.

Here's my take:

1. If Loving You is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right or Best Villain

As much as I love Ray Wise's Devil on Reaper (another Emmy-worthy performance that, sadly, will be ignored), I had to choose Ben Linus.

2. My DVR Won't Ever Let You Go or Best New Character on either a new or returning series

Wow. This one is hard. I could make a case for every single one, except for the dude on Ugly Betty, which I don't watch (I'm a guy and straight). I had to go with Sheldon, who I think is right up there with (and in a geeky way, similar to) Niles Crane as the best persnickety co-star to emerge from sitcoms in recent memory.

3. You Never Know What You've Got Until It's Gone or Best Cancelled Show

Though it was ersatz Angel, I did enjoy Moonlight.

4. I Think I Need a New Watercooler or Show You are Sick of People Talking About

I tried, I really tried to follow Grey's for a couple of seasons, because of the stellar writing (at least initially). But at the end of the day, I hated every single fucking character on that show. They're all self-absorbed whores, and we all get enough of that in real life.

5. Hey It's That Guy/Girl or Best Guest Star

This was a toss up for me, between the completely adorable Sarah Chalke and James Marsters. But I had to go with Captain John, if only because I'm currently wearing a Torchwood Institute t-shirt and who else could make me tune in when two guys are making out?

6. Wait This Isn't a Dream Sequence or Worst plot twist

Bones for sure. I don't mind the twist, but strike-truncated or not, this just didn't have time to gel properly.

7. Anyone Need the Rest of My Seat, I'm Only Using the Edge or Best Plot Twist

Jeremy Bentham, anyone? Wha - huh? Holy shit, I need some Resolve on my couch.

8. I Know You're Fictional But Would You Marry Me Anyway (male) Or Hottest Actor

Okay, my Captain John comments not withstanding, this isn't really my area of expertise. But Sawyer went to UGA briefly, so we gotta show some solidarity, right?

9. I Know You're Fictional But Would You Marry Me Anyway (female) Or Hottest Actress

Blergh. Tough choice. The brainy, bespectacled and nerdy charms of Liz Lemon? The Weinerlicious appeal of badass Sarah Walker? Love triangle and bizarre insta-mom Kate Austin? Damn. I've got to choose sexy, smart, snarky and low key Pam Beesly.

10. Is It Next Season Yet Or Most Anticipated Return/Most Missed Show

You're kidding, right? The only motherfucking choice here is Lost. (of course, we would also accept "none of the above" write in votes for BSG or Dexter).

11. You Had My DVR at Hello or Best New Show

Due to the fucktards at and technological incompetence of Comcast, I missed all of Pushing Daisies, so I can't properly evaluate that one. Despite the "supernatural" (not the good kind, like Mulder and Scully deal with, but the more intellectually inept kind, like Ralph Reed and James Dobson handle) overtones, I enjoyed the hell out of Eli Stone, but I gotta choose the adventurous, romantic, funny and engaging Chuck here.

12. You Bring the Skis, I'll Bring the Shark or Most Deteriorating Show

I gave up on the narcissistic trollops on Grey's long ago. Idol got rid of Carly (fuckers! Recognize the eyeliner!) and had the Koala bear and Psychlo Terl, but the right man won in the end. Heroes, despite the presence of Veronica Mars and Julian Sark, conjured up a shitstorm Flip Spiceland couldn't forecast. But I clicked "none of the above" for Scrubs, which I completely deleted from my season pass list once it became all about birthin' and babies and shit.

13. Where's The Kleenex or Most Heartbreaking Moment

Yowza. This is a toughie, between Sun's primal screams when Jin blows up (or does he? Methinks not), Cutthroat Bitch's passing and Desmond and Penny's tear jerking story in "The Constant." Damn. I fucking loved Amber, but "The Constant" was pretty much a perfect hour of television, so I'll give that the choice in a photo finish.

14. Where Is The Love? or Show Amy Never Talks About

Yeah, I'm in the tank for USA's character-driven and entertaining Burn Notice and Psych, but christ on a cracker, is there any other choice? You know what the answer here is. So Say We All.

15. You Were Worth Waiting For or Best Return from the Writers Strike

Reaper had an awesome pilot, then was borderline awful for a few weeks before finishing strong. HIMYM survived the guest shots from the world's second worst mother, but was....well....awesome. House had a tight season and several classic episodes, culminating in a fantastic, heartbreaking and extraordinary two-part finale. But really, y'all, was anything better this year than Lost? No fluff, no filler, just 100% rock your fucking world fantastic.

16. You Were Not Worth Waiting For or Worst Return from the Writers Strike

I appreciated the odd detours My Name Is Earl took, but of the shows listed, I would have to say this was the most disappointing, despite getting occasional chuckles along the way.

What say you, TNRLM readers? How would you have voted?


  1. I agreed with most of your choices (and voted the same), however, Sun screaming for Jin when the ship blew up was just so raw and felt so real I had to go with that...

  2. That was a heartbreaking moment, and Yunjin Kim sold the hell out of it. A completely understandable choice.