Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vain plastic surgeon spotted in Georgia mountains

Many faithful readers remember this post about Nip/Tuck, where I blathered on about a throwaway line regarding a character's place of origin, the small southern hamlet of Cleveland, Georgia. This character, who had a sweet, naive charm and innocence about her, came to see the plastic surgeons of McNamara/Troy to fix a port wine stain on her face. Through an impossibly complicated series of events, the character winds up up sleeping with the biological son of one of the surgeons, the amusingly vain and insensitive Dr. Christian Troy (who got his MD from the University of Miami), only to find out that the same plastic surgeon is also HER father from a one-night stand a couple of decades ago, which means.....she just fucked her brother. In that post, I posed this question to my friends in Cleveland:
Ever see a swaggering Miami doc driving a Ferrari in town, stopping at the Piggly Wiggly to buy faulty condoms?
So, tonight I get a call from The Freebird, who was having dinner in a restaurant in Cleveland that happened to be located in the same "shopping center" with the Piggly Wiggly. In the parking lot, he had noticed an exotic luxury car there, with a "The U" license plate on the back. I found this extraordinarily amusing, in that Freebird remembered this obscure bit of television observation regarding his hometown and actually called to tell me about it, and that there actually was this car and license plate in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot. Many of you may not know about Cleveland, but it's a really small town and the odds of finding a high-end car -- with a University of Miami plate in the heart of UGA and SEC country, no less -- are astronomical.

So, the only reasonable conclusion you can come to based on this is that everything you see on television is absolutely real, and all the characters that make up your prime time shows do exist in "our" world. I firmly believe Dr. Troy was there tonight to see his sibling-fucking daughter, who was possibly there with his sibling-fucking son.

With that knowledge of the worlds of entertainment and day to day existence sufficiently blurred, I'll keep one eye open tonight waiting for my toaster to kill me in my sleep, on orders from its Cylon overlords.

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