Friday, June 27, 2008


The Mad Men Season 1 DVD set is out. Of course there is the top shelf quality of the show itself, with stellar acting, writing, directing, set design and production values. But check out the DVD packaging. Brilliant!

As I've said before, this little show that came out of nowhere is definitely one of television's best. In fact, it made the "short list" of 10 dramas up for an Emmy. I completely agree with the author there, Alan Sepinwall, about Dexter, Lost and Mad Men deserving inclusion on the list, and that House is not a bad choice either. I also agree that there's one startling omission -- Battlestar Galactica. I'll have much more on the Emmys when the final nominations come out.
A great, in-depth piece on Mad Men from the NY Times can be found here.

Chris Noth (Detective Mike Logan), will be leaving Law & Order: CI, and replaced by Jeff Goldblum. If the world was perfect, Goldblum would reprise the quirky character he played on last year's underwatched and underappreciated cop show Raines, but I'm not sure the tone of those two shows would mesh. However, I'm sure he'll still play quirky; it IS Jeff Goldblum.


  1. Your right as rain about "Raines". I miss that show but apparently you, me and my wife were the only 3watching.
    Thanks for the tip on Middleman, I enjoyed the first 2 episodes, especially the last one about the Terra Cotta warrior come to life.

  2. I know. Raines won't get lumped into the "Brilliant but Canceled" group with Profit and Firefly, but I thought it was an extremely well-crafted, and different, take on the cop show. And Goldblum was great in it. Sigh.

    Good to know you enjoyed Middleman. The tone is delicate to balance, but so far they're doing a good job.