Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lost Morsels

I say this today on Defamer and laughed.

Also, here's a cool article from Pop Candy about Lost viewing parties.

Speaking of the bunnies, I heard an interesting theory today (on a podcast, I think). Remember this video? Well, they make a big freaking deal about the two "15" bunnies not being in close proximity to each other. So are the two bunnies "identical" bunnies? Clones or duplicates of each other, perhaps? Kind of a matter and anti-matter deal? Could it be that the "Bentham" in the coffin in the end is the same as one of these bunnies -- a "clone" or "duplicate" of the original, who may still be on the island? And if that's the case, what creates the duplicate? Could it be that turning the "frozen donkey wheel" drops the duplicate (or the original) off the island, much like Ben was dropped off the island into the Sahara? And if that's the case, is there another Ben roaming around the Orchid? And what happens if the O6 (and other unknown to the public survivors) are convinced that they need to return to Craphole Island? Would the Ben and Bentham duplicates cause some kind of cataclysmic reaction by getting near their dopplegangers? And could THIS be why Ben says that after turning the wheel, that he can't return to the island? (of course, the more you think about this, you start wondering "how could a bunny turn a frozen donkey wheel, but still....).

Ahhh, yes. Days have passed and still more questions.

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