Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $1,700, Alex

Ever wanted to see a $400 Lego Death Star? Now you can.

Here's an actor who really digs a comic book character, so much that he filmed a makeup test all on his own. Cool.

I didn't realize Gnarls Barkley had covered the Violent Femmes.

Now you can see all of Scarface, using just the world "fuck."

Where can you find hot chicks that smoke, who also have an affinity for robots?

Geek trophies from yesteryear. Yep, I had some.

A toaster that produces toast with an image of a "toaster?" If I had room between all the coffeemakers on my counter, I'd order one.

Looking for something to pass the time until S2 of Mad Men starts? How about checking out lots of video interviews and highlights over at the AMC site.

A great compilation of the Top 30 "WTF?!" moments from Lost.

Funny. An amusing look at recent sporting developments at UGA, through the tear-stained eyes of a bug. Make sure to click the link to the actual message board post.

Are these really the Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies of All Time? I would put Empire Strikes Back over Star Wars, though the first one should get credit for being the original and starting the saga. And Back to the Future is a classic comedy and all, but at the expense of other Sci-Fi? If you're treading these waters, how about Eternal Sunshine? Can you have Alien, and not Aliens? No Wrath of Khan?

"Intelligent Design" (a misnomer if there ever was one) morons won't like these t-shirts. Which means I love them.

This sounds like an awesome movie game. Sigh. I need someone to play with.

An interesting theory on Lost's time travel. Complete with a handy chart.

David Sedaris has quit smoking, but doesn't "suggest that anyone quit smoking." Okay, I agree.

The founder of the Weather Channel has some interesting views on "global warming." Here's another take worth reading.

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