Monday, June 2, 2008

Features Update

Howdy, y'all. From time to time, I adjust the "features" here at TNRLM, and thought I would provide a quick update on what's going on over the "right side" of the blog (including the new email feature, noted in red below).

  • Twitter Updates: posts from time to time, in 140 characters or less. (Now with more letters and words, now that I don't have to put an extra space after a period!)
  • Previously, on TNRLM: That should list the titles of the last 20 posts I've made here on the blog. However, it's been acting wiggy the past few days and not constantly updating. Of course, the easiest way to read the past 20 items is just scroll down the page. And get carpal tunnel rolling past the Lost posts.
  • About Me: really, who cares?
  • Subscribe Now: if you don't already get TNRLM in a reader, you can by clicking here. Or on the little orange icon up on the right of your browser's address bar.
  • Subscribe Via Email: want to get postings delivered right to your email address? Here is the place.
  • Send a Message: don't want to post a comment, but have something to get off your chest? Want to send a personal message? Have some feedback you don't want the rest of the interwebs to see? Want to suggest new features or topics I should blog about? Compelled to send mash notes or hate mail? Just send an email to I won't check this as slavishly as I do other accounts, but I will check it and respond as needed.
  • My iTunes: curious what I've been purchasing at the iTunes store? See the latest downloads here, and mock my taste in music.
  • Places You Should Go: a very incomplete list of some of my favorite sites.
  • Blog Sponsors: if only this was like NASCAR, and I could retire on these endorsements. But basically, a list of a few of my favorite things.
  • Archives (by month): has it really been a year and a half, and about 500 posts, since this little blog got started? Wow.
  • Search: want to find every time I used a particularly colorful profanity? Or referenced a topic that didn't get its own label?
  • Regular Topics: being OCD, I try to label each post as best I can. Browse the posts that address your favorite topics. A quick perusal tells me that my most posted about subjects include Personal, Battlestar Galactica, American Idol, Lost, Movies, News and College Football. On the other side of the coin, I don't seem to address TSA Can Eat Me, Zombies, Random Noises in my Head or 900 Miles of Diaper very often (but I probably should, no?). I often forget the labels I've created, so some may seem redundant or even ridiculous. So your best bet, if you know what you're looking for, is the Search function above. Also, though I haven't done one in a while, you might want to check out "The Canon," my definitive list of various things.


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