Friday, June 13, 2008

Anyone else excited?

Just over two hours until the "mid season finale" of BSG. After a logic and credibility straining outing a couple of weeks ago (though to be fair to Romo Lampkin, I'm probably a year or two away from carrying my expired cat around in a carrier and using a handgun to force people to make the the decisions I want them to), the show rebounded spectacularly last week with "The Hub," a complete showcase for the Emmy worthy Mary McDonnell, a squirrelly and funny Gaius Baltar and the writing talents of Jane Espenson.

Tonight's ep is supposed to provide another "shocker,"(already being compared to the "one year later" moment from S2) and I'm totally, completely and delightfully unspoiled, despite my voracious appetite for pop culture and television news, and the fact that the ep showed earlier this week at an event and streamed all day on Skiffy. One thing I have read, is that the show runs a minute or so long -- so if your DVR doesn't adjust to these things automatically and you're not planning to watch it "live" (with, of course, the 15 to 20 minute buffer to 86 the commercials), make sure you take that into account.

So say we all.

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