Saturday, May 3, 2008

This week's Ledger

Busy couple of weeks lately. On to the tally:

  • Dyson vacuum cleaners. In the past 6 years, I've been through 3 vacuum cleaners. In the old house, I was typically notified of the current unit's malfunction when I returned home to find the maids had left a note on the broken down shell of the thing indicating "this no work." I took them apart and put them back together a few times, trying to extend their lives for a few more runs across the carpet. But eventually, I would run to Target or WallyWorld and drop a $150 - $200 on a new Eureka or Hoover. And it would last a couple of years. And rinse, repeat. My latest one made the move with me, but was (literally) held together by duct tape, and the attachments barely brought the suck. So, armed with my 20% coupon, I ventured to the local BB&B to pick up a new one. As I was perusing the selection, the friendly sales person came over and started to show me the Dyson. I nipped that shit in the bud, saying there was no way in hell I was going to fork over $400 for a fucking vacuum. I kept looking at the other brands, but couldn't decide. Well, a few demonstrations and a little crackberry research later, I dropped my knickers like a Columbus schoolgirl and was walking out with the entry level Dyson. Got home, unpacked it and took 'er for a spin. Holy shit. This thing was unbelievable. Even after just using the old Hoover, I half filled (in a tiny shitbox apartment, no less) the cannister on this baby. After being initially squicked out (I was walking around on this shit for the past 4 months?), I was sold. So sold, in fact, that I started wondering if I settled by getting a model devoid of all the bells and whistles. I hopped back on the interwebs (and took a little advice from a friend, too) and soon began to realize that Dyson users are like a cult, except without Xenu. Or some carpenter. After assessing my needs (damned hairy cats), the next morning I returned to BB&B and "upgraded" to this model, the "Animal." The attachments were much easier to use, the suction was even better and I think at one point the lighting fixtures on the apartment below me were in danger of coming up through the floor. I'm fully sold on the efficacy and the payback.
  • Well, while I was at BB&B perusing vacuum cleaners, I was looking at the aisle display for the Keurigs. I've used these before in selected office settings, but never thought about adding one to the home. After all, I love and worship my Cuisinart grind n brew (Jack had one just like it, in the future, on Lost Thursday). But there are sometimes after a pot or two in the morning when I just want one more cup, and don't want to go through the hassle of brewing an entirely new pot. Or I want a cup of joe after dinner. And what better way to accomplish this than with one of these babies? So, another 20% off coupon, another trip to BB&B, and here I am enjoying a single cup of Sumatra. (And the shiny blue lights make the fucker look like the bridge of the Enterprise). Thank god I didn't see another device during this excursion.
  • Chatty time.
  • The glorious return of warm weather.
  • Nanny Brooke returns to the land of G-rated movies and decaffeinated drinks. (makes scrunchy face)
  • The parking at the mall.
  • Beer. Just because.

  • $70 tank fills.
  • Some people are douchebags, not matter which way you slice it.
  • Not having time to get to everything you need and want to.
  • Going to the same grocery store for almost 3 months now, and still not being able to remember where the hell everything is. I swear, if BB&B had an "in-store GPS" that showed the location of various products, I'd whip out another coupon and be there in the morning.
  • The Braves DL, a crowded place these days.


  1. What is with the recent lack of new blogs? We need some more TNRLM! ...Please?

  2. Awww. It's nice to be appreciated. I'll try to do better, okay? Thanks for reading!