Saturday, May 10, 2008

Please don't leave your Millenium Falcon on the floor

I realized I never got around to capturing my thoughts on last week's Lost episode, and I'm chomping at the bit to figure out what the hell is going on with this week's episode, "Cabin Fever." So, though it's a week late, here is an abbreviated look at "Something Nice Back Home." Just chalk it up to a Dharma induced time warp.

I noticed that in the flash forward, in his life with Kate, Jack has one of the same coffee makers that I do (the grind and brew!). And yes, I now have my tiny counter decorated with two coffee makers. (How else are you supposed to make sense of life when you wake up at 5:30 every day?)

Quote of the week: "Back off, Donger." Sawyer is familiar with the John Hughes oeuvre.

Also noteworthy:
  • "Watch your tone, Red."
  • "You're supposed to raise him." On the surface, this seems like it's obviously referring to Aaron. However, could it be "raise" like "raise from the dead?" Could this be talking about Christian? Not that he needs any helping walking around after he's dead, mind you.
  • "You aren't even related to him!" Was this just a pure, "surface" shot at Kate? Or is Jack implying that HE is related to Aaron, meaning that in the future he knows he and Claire are siblings and the he (Jack) is Aaron's uncle?

Other questions and observations:
  • I like Charlotte's bitchiness. Bitchiness is always better served through an English accent.
  • How does the mysterious island affect manscaping?
  • How many people can fit in the helicopter?
  • And what happened to Keamy's men? Didn't Smoky kill them all?
  • What does it mean that Jack can have appendicitis on a "healing" island?
  • What has Kate been doing for Sawyer? Checking in on Clementine?
  • Why were Danielle and Carl buried? Who buried them? Why not just throw them in the shrubs?
  • What's going on with Keamy and Miles?
  • Is it significant that Juliet (and Bernard) kicked Kate out during the surgery? Is there more there than meets the eye? And Bernard sure has an interesting set of skills, doesn't he?

While this episode was entertaining, it was nothing compared to "Cabin Fever," which I'll be back to blog about later this morning.

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