Friday, May 23, 2008

One of the evil Trio is behind "Recount"

Despite my fears that the story will be completely one-sided, I'm looking forward to watching Recount on HBO Sunday.

All good geeks should know that one of "the Trio" from Buffy (also known as Paris Gellar's boyfriend) is the writer of the story, which is getting excellent reviews. Here's a good interview with Danny Strong over at TWOP, in which he addresses the research he did for Recount, going to dinner with the other members of the Trio, and the WB yanking two pivotal Buffy episodes for sensitivity. (As he points out, I can understand "Earshot." But "Graduation Day?" Because all the real life students and parents of students who were tragically injured during a vampire and mayor-turned-Giant-snake attack on a high school might be offended? Too soon? Sheesh).

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